Bylaws to govern the District’s policy covering the connection of underground sprinkling systems to the District’s water supply contain the following requirements.


INSPECTION AND APPROVAL: The District must be advised by the owner of the serviced property when an underground sprinkler system is installed so the installation can be inspected and approved by a District official.

CONNECTIONS: All connections to underground sprinkling systems shall be made downstream of the meter, thus ensuring that all water used is metered. In those areas of the District that are not metered the connection for an underground system shall be made behind the shut-off valve in the building on the property being serviced by that connection.

BACKFLOW PREVENTION: All underground sprinkling systems connected to the District’s water supply shall be equipped with an approved backflow prevention device installed on the downstream side of the meter and/or shut-off valve. The current minimum requirement for a single family dwelling is a District-approved Dual Check Valve (DuC), for multi-family complexes with shared common property a District-approved Double Check Valve Assembly is required (DCVA).

VOLUME: If the present volume of water to a connection is found to be insufficient to operate an underground sprinkling system properly, therefore requiring a larger size connection, the owner of the property must make formal application to the District and pay the current price of such a connection.

RATE OF FLOW: No underground sprinkling system shall be so designed as to use in excess of 10 US gallons per minute per lateral, unless authorization in writing is received from the Board of Trustees.

BOOSTER PUMP: The installation of a pump or other device designed to increase the volume of water supply to a sprinkling system is prohibited unless permission to install such a device is granted by the Board of Trustees.

TIMERS: A 365 automatic timing device designed to shut off flow to the system automatically must be incorporated into the underground system.

SPRINKLING REGULATIONS: All property owners operating underground sprinkling systems must adhere to sprinkling regulations which may be laid down from time to time by the Board of Trustees of the Rutland Waterworks District.