Servicing Qualifications

All properties within the boundaries of the Rutland Waterworks District are entitled to water service, providing they meet the following requirements:

  • District acceptance of an application to the District providing accurate details of the servicing requirements
  • Capital cost charges paid in accordance with the current bylaws at the time of the development application or subsequent redevelopment
  • The property owner(s) agreement to abide by all the bylaws of the District
  • All other charges paid in full


Suspension of Service

Water service can be suspended at any time if the District deems there has been a breach in the provisions of the servicing agreement. Examples of breaches in servicing requirements are faulty or incorrect plumbing, hazardous connections, lack of payment of taxes or tolls, violation of sprinkling regulations, etc. Charges associated with the servicing suspension process include:

  • Administration charges (starting at $50.00)
  • Turn-on fees (currently at $100.00)
  • Servicing Costs


Application for New Service

Upon acceptance of an application to the District for a new or upgraded water service, the District processes the application as follows:

  • An estimate is made based on the information provided in the application. On larger service requirements an engineering retainer is also required so a study can determine the adequacy of fire flows and flow characteristics.
  • An up-front deposit is collected based on 85% of the estimated service costs. The balance of the servicing costs are adjusted based on the final installation costs.
  • All rights-of-way, permits, and inspections as well as final payment in full must be completed before permanent water service is established.


Servicing Regulations

There are several servicing regulations established in the District bylaws and policies. The customer is encouraged to contact the Rutland Waterworks District office for information on current regulations.



The majority of services in the Rutland Water District are equipped with water meters. The meter is installed behind the main shut-off valve (and pressure-reducing valve) in the building. Many meters have remote-read devices that allow consumption reading without entering the building. Plumbing that bypasses the water from going through the meter is strictly prohibited. Inspection of plumbing by District officials is a condition of the servicing agreement. If you wish clarification on the "Right to Inspect", please contact the District office.


How Does The Meter Work?

The majority of meters in service in the District are displacement meters. This means that only water that goes through the meter can make the meter record. This type of meter will not over-record due to the nature of its construction.

Noisy meters are attended to by the District's technicians at no charge to the customer. Often water noise is mistakenly attributed to the meter when in fact it is caused by undersized or old restricted plumbing within the building.


Non-Metered Buildings

Some areas of the Rutland Waterworks District are not presently on meters. These areas were taken over by the District and it is not a requirement to install a meter in an existing building. If the building is renovated or reconstructed, it is mandatory to install a meter at the owner's expense (Bylaw 158).