Board of Trustees

The affairs of the Rutland Waterworks District are directed by elected trustees, one of whom acts as chair. Each trustee is elected for a three-year term by the eligible landowners of the improvement district.

In general, to be eligible to vote or to be a candidate for a trustee, a person must be eighteen years of age, a Canadian citizen, an owner of land in the improvement district and a resident of BC for the previous six months. The current Rutland Waterworks District Trustees are pictured below.


Garry Zarr


Victor Ukrainetz

Vice Chairman

Stuart Markle


Don Schneider


Gordon Zarr



Rutland Waterworks District day to day operations is managed by experienced staff.

The management staff of Rutland Waterworks have over 100 years collectively in the water industry.


Jim Csek, CMA


Dave Metcalfe

Operations Manager