Meter Upgrades in the District

Posted: March 1, 2023


We are changing all Direct Read Meters, in the District, to

T-10 Procoder Meters!


The old style Direct Read Meters are past their 10 year life expectancy.

The T-10 Pro Coder Meters have long term accuracy (+/- 1%) and have a life expectancy between 15-20 years.

Please be advised that we will be contacting homeowners that have Direct Read Meters, to arrange a day and time for them to be replaced. The replacement will be no cost to the owner.


FAQ About Meters:

Q: How accurate is a meter?

A: We ensure fair and accurate measurements. This is typically set at +/- 1%. Each individual meter is tested and the results posted by the manufacturer before placement in the field.

Q: Can a meter over-register?

A: The short answer is, “No.” a household style water meter cannot over- register. This is because this style of meter functions like a measuring cup or bucket. excess water cannot be measured.

Q: What may cause accuracy “changes”

A: this may occur when an old, worn meter is replaced by a new meter, which more accurately measures water consumption. Or a leak in the homeowners plumbing.