Mission Statement


“Rutland Waterworks District’s mission is to provide safe, affordable drinking water that meets or exceeds the Interior Health Authority’s 4,3,2,1,0 standards, while maintaining proven customer service.”
Our Objectives/Focus:
1.      Safe Drinking Water
2.      At an Economical Cost
3.      Proven Customer Service
4.      Maintain Leadership in Industry
5.      Financial Responsibility
6.      Sound and Well Maintained Infrastructure

Safe Drinking Water
Our water:
  • Meets and exceeds Canadian Standards.
  • Has never been under an IHA boil order.
  • Source is ground water, we are the only system in Kelowna relying completely on deep well water.
  • Is tested in our own water quality lab as well as an independent lab. It has recently been noted in a Kelowna Joint Water Committee (KJWC) commissioned report by Associated Engineering that Rutland Waterworks (RWD) is the only purveyor to meet IHA 4,3,2,1,0 standard.
At an Economical Cost

RWD offers:
  • The lowest cost water to our ratepayers.
A recent KJWC commissioned report by Associated Engineering confirms that RWD has the lowest rates in the greater Kelowna area.
Progressive planning for the future. RWD has in place:

  • Capital works plan to 2017.
  • 2005 strategic plan (KJWC).
  • Knowledgeable staff to follow guidelines set by the City OCP for expansion and development of infrastructure.
Proven Customer Service
As a ‘local’ water utility Rutland Waterworks provides the following:
  • A centrally located office to serve the ratepayers of Rutland.
  • Many of the services we provide to our ratepayers are free of charge during our regular hours.
  • We know our customers, many on a first name basis, and service them well.
  • Fully elected Board made up of Rutland landowners to represent the ratepayers.
  • Our independent utility helps preserve Rutland’s Identity.
Recent customer surveying shows that RWD provides better than average:

    • access to staff.
    • response time.
    • service in general.
Maintain Leadership in Industry
Rutland Waterworks has been serving the ratepayers of our community since 1949. With such a rich history we are able to lead in many areas.
§         Metering – We were the first in the city (since 1963) to have meters. We assisted the city in moving towards implementing meters in their area, now all districts are following suit.
§         Data Loggers – We are the only water purveyor in the city monitoring ground water levels and water temperature in all our wells.
§         Sprinkling Regulations – This program was first started in RWD in 1973. Currently other water purveyors are following our lead.
§         Backflow Prevention – We implemented our own program before the city and other purveyors, which was put in place in 1958. Since that time, RWD has assisted in the implementation of a city wide program.
§         Strong rapport with Interior Health, our long-term staff has been able to review and provide input regarding regulations and industry challenges through regular meetings with KJWC and Interior Health.
Financial Responsibility
Rutland Waterworks practices financial responsibility by providing:
Strong financial management including,

    • strong balance sheet.
    • proven track record for staying on budget.
    • qualified staff, including CMA designated Administrator.
Sound and Well Maintained Infrastructure
Ours works include:
  • 19 wells, (15 active).
  • Complete Automated Scada System that allows us to monitor Chlorine residual 24/7 as well as PH levels.
  • Infrastructure above and below ground is well maintained.
  • Member of PowerSmart
RWD staff performs virtually all servicing in house to control costs and ensure quality of works.
All projects completed by developers are inspected by our staff and engineers.
Our employees:
  • Have over 120 years of combined experience relating to ground water.
  • Are highly trained. Three level three operators, one level two, and two younger staff to carry on.
  • RWD supports the training of our staff. This ensures quality.
  • Salaries are lower than the city, yet our retention is exemplary.  
  • All works staff is on call 24/7, 365 days of the year, with response time within 15 minutes.